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Cowboy Club

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Hi everyone! I just got back from family vacation in Sedona. It was very, very, very hot there, but the views were worth it. And the food…

If you ever go to this part of Arizona (or if you live there…?) I would recommend this place. It served sort of as the final family dinner before everyone left. I was at a table with the rest of my cousins, and for some reason only the adult table got appetizers. ๐Ÿคจ I didn’t really mind, though, seeing as we’d had a gigantic lunch and I wasn’t all that hungry.

I ordered the bison chili, pictured below, and the cactus fries.

Unfortunately, the server informed me that the cactus fries were battered, meaning my gluten allergy kept me from trying them. I’d really wanted to try something made out of cactus this week, and, unless you counted the accidental Prickly-Pear-syrup-Sprite situation from earlier that day (read about it in my Salt Rock restaurant review), I hadn’t, not officially at least. Again, does prickly pear syrup mixed in with soda really count as “trying cactus”? Hmmm.

It took a while for the server to get our orders. My aunt brought over some of the appetizer samplers from the adult table. (I’m still fuming over the fact that we didn’t get our own appetizers). I tried a delicious skewer of bison that was soft, perfectly cooked, and flavorful. One of my cousins tried a cactus fry, and she said they were actually really good.

Finally, our food came. My chili arrived in an adorable little pot, complete with a sprinkling of chives and a tray of tortilla chips on the side.

The chili was very spicy but very good. The tortilla chips were a genius way to serve it, and the beans were a wonderful addition. I was still bitter about my inability to try the fries and the cheddar cornbread, but it was a fun environment to be in. According to my cousins, the chicken fingers were good but not great, the macaroni and cheese was good (my younger cousin ate two whole mugs of it), the elk was also good, and, like I mentioned earlier, the cactus fries got several glowing reviews.

Although it was disappointing that they didn’t have too much GF stuff at the Cowboy Club, the restaurant’s charm made up for it. We were in a cozy room (which was apparently called the Arizona Room) that only had one other group in it, with an antler chandelier and a cute miniature version of the giant sculpture outside. The food was served in mini skillets, small pots, little trays, and mugs, never just a simple plate.

Still, cactus fries would’ve been nice.

(Yup, still upset about that.)

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