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SaltRock (Amara Resort and Spa)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hello! This is another post from Sedona.

We had a special girls’ lunch at this restaurant. A couple of my aunts and one of my older cousins had gone to the spa before us, and they enjoyed it.

The waitress who was serving us was very friendly. I noticed that she’d organized the gel pens sticking out of her pocket in rainbow order, which made me smile.

We started by ordering beverages. My cousins and I all ordered Shirley Temples, but it turned out they were out of grenadine, so they just gave us Sprite with prickly pear syrup mixed in. The drink in question was a pretty shade of magenta, and tasted sweet, like…well, it was a very unique taste. Sadly, this was the closest I got to eating any type of cactus this week.

Next up: appetizers. We got the Fire Roasted Goat Cheese (the first photo), an order of “Chips, Salsa, and Guacamole”, and Chili Lemon Fries (the second photo).

The goat cheese was creamy, but I honestly couldn’t taste the poblano over it. It was really thick and tasted like, well, exactly like what you’d expect melted goat cheese to taste like.

The guacamole tasted…guacamole. It didn’t stand out too much, but I enjoyed its subtle flavor. You really can’t go wrong with guacamole. Unless it’s rancid, I guess…? 🥑

Finally, the fries: These were tangy and delicious. I don’t think we ordered enough, though, seeing as our table attacked them like a pack of hounds. I’m still left wondering: How can I replicate this magic?

Next, we ordered our entrees. I got the short rib tacos, which were incredibly messy but really amazing. I would highly recommend them, but be prepared to need an extra napkin. It was a somewhat awkward experience.

My mom ordered a Cobb salad, which had a gorgeous beet-dyed egg on top. I don’t love hard-boiled eggs, but the magenta one was pretty cool.

At the end, we ordered a couple samples of different cakes, since it was several people’s birthdays from our group. Because of my gluten sensitivity, I just tried the flan. Though it was a small portion, it was possibly the highlight of the meal for me. The flan was custardy and smooth, with a delicious blueberry compote on top. All I can say is, wow.

The restaurant itself was pretty nice, with a bunch of tiny, adorable vases with flowers on almost every table. I enjoyed the meal, and the staff there was very friendly. If you are looking for a spa day and a nice lunch, this is the place!

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