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A Use for Leftover Halloween Candy

If you’re like me, you probably have a lot of leftover Halloween candy lying around. Whether it’s yours, a relative’s, or none of the above (I’m warning you: It’s a bad idea to steal candy from small children!), there’s a good chance you aren’t getting a use out of it.

I don’t know about you, but I was EXHAUSTED after trick-or-treating this year. I went with some of my friends as characters from Gilmore Girls. We got a boatload of candy, and now it’s just sitting in a plastic container on my kitchen counter. But it feels too wasteful to not do something with it. When I was younger, we would just donate the candy to the local dentist and receive, like, 5 cents in exchange for it. It always confused me greatly. I mean, the dentist?! Did they burn it or something? I’m assuming they didn’t keep it for their own needs, because, and I cannot stress this enough, they’re the dentist.

Use it on ice cream

If you go to an ice cream shop, there’s a good chance there will be some sort of chocolate candy as an optional topping. If you have a pint of ice cream at home, just pour any chocolate candy that you think would go well with the ice cream (for example, I wouldn’t recommend putting M&Ms on lemon ice cream). As usual, the solution to everything is drowning your sorrows in ice cream.

Bake it into cookies

Yes, you read that sentence correctly. Online, you can find a million recipes for leftover candy cookies.

Give it away

Sick of artificial sweeteners? Actually sick from artificial sweeteners (like I was two days after Halloween)? Fear not! If you have a Little Free Library, just dump your candy into a small bowl and stick it in there. You could always give it to friends or family, too.

Or you could just do it the old fashioned way…

…and eat it.

But whatever you do, don’t sell it to the dentist. Because, you know. The dentist.


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