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The Clinkscale Hotel, Bar, and Grill

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hi everyone!

This’ll be my last post from Arizona. Last Wednesday, we all went to Jerome, a real-life ghost town in Arizona. We drove up a terrifyingly twisty road with absolutely no barrier to keep the car from flying off the mountain. Thankfully, we arrived safely.

We met up with the rest of our family at The Clinkscale Hotel, Bar, and Grill. Everything was old-fashioned about it, most likely because it was established around 1899. Cool, right?

I ordered the Elote, and Truffle Fries (shown below).

The Elote was definitely… not what I’d expected when I ordered it. I’d tried elotes before, so I was expecting corn on the cob smothered in a flavorful sauce and various spices. Instead, the corn was off the cob and cooked in a tiny skillet with cheese and spices. It came with tortilla chips to dip in it.

I was frankly pretty confused, but I tried it anyway, and wow, it was good. The top was slightly burned, but in a delicious way. It tasted much better than it looked.

And the truffle fries…yum. They had an interesting flavor, salty but…wholesome tasting, I guess? They had cheese cooked over the top, which was a really nice addition. I don’t like ketchup too much, but the home-made kind was amazing. I would definitely recommend them if you ever find yourself in this restaurant in this ghost town.

The decor had a New York-y vibe to it. It looked genuinely like a restaurant from the 1800s.

After having lunch at this restaurant, we explored some of the shops on Main Street. Most of them were tourist shops, but they were fun to visit. The Turquoise Spider had some nice souvenirs, and the rock shop down the street from there was cool, too.

The photo above is of an abandoned hotel on Main Street. We passed it on our way to the Mining Museum.

At the museum, we passed through a pair of French doors and followed a subtly eerie timeline of Jerome’s history, which eventually led to a replica of a mine from back then.

Walking through the mine was kind of scary, since it was completely dark, with only a couple of lights to help you find your way through it.

On the other side of the “mine” were some facts about the history of Jerome, as well as a replica of a saloon, a shoe shining chair, and an old washing machine.

We also passed a wall that I would recommend skipping over if you’re with little kids that talked about part of the sketchier history of Jerome.

After we left the museum, we went to yet another tourist shop that was…interesting. Several disturbing figures of characters from television shows were there, along with a life-size figure of Beetlejuice. Oh wait, I’m not supposed to say his name. 😨

We found some, um…interesting things in the windows as we walked down the street.

Finally, we went to a very cool kaleidoscope store called Nellie Bly. There were so many kaleidoscopes there, ranging from $6 to $1,000. You have to visit there if you’re in Jerome. Oh, and the woman at the counter got a kaleidoscope picture of us!

Jerome was so much fun! I really think you should go if you like creepy things. Some of it has been turned into a tourist town, but there are still a ton of old, abandoned buildings in the area that gave me chills just walking by, like, for example, the asylum that was turned into a hotel…

But if you ever are in the area, check out the Clinkscale Hotel, Bar and Grill, which has amazing food! And don’t say Beetlejuice! (Ugh, I did it again…)


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